Titanium Rods

Titanium bars are made of pure titanium or an alloy that combines other metals such as aluminum and vanadium. When alloyed, the metal becomes much stronger. Titanium is a very useful metal used in various industries such as automobiles, aerospace and construction.


Titanium round is an alloy metal containing a mixture of titanium and other chemical elements. The materials used to alloy CP titanium bright bars typically contain elements such as oxygen and iron. Commercially pure titanium has both excellent mechanical and physical properties. For example, titanium rods are used in both orthopedic and dental implants.


The aluminum and vanadium content of titanium aircraft grade bars is typically approximately 6% by weight and 4% by weight, respectively. This alloy-titanium square bar mixture has a solid solubility that changes dramatically with temperature, allowing the alloy to undergo precipitation strengthening.

Product Description

Metal & Alloy Industries is a well-known supplier of titanium rods that negatively impact ductility and have minimal content in most of these and other engineering applications. Titanium alloy rods are replaced with heavier, less maintainable or less cost effective materials. Titanium metal rods are the best pure titanium grades on the market, the softest and most ductile compared to grades. Typical applications for titanium alloy rods are chemical processes, petroleum refining, biomedicine, and industry, with a variety of applications. Titanium alloy bars are lightweight and have excellent corrosion resistance and the ability to withstand extreme temperatures.