Brass Rod

Brass alloys have some desirable properties and are relatively easy to manufacture, making brass a very popular metal alloy for products and applications across multiple industries. From doorknobs to pipe fittings, most commercial and residential buildings have some kind of brass. Since brass alloys are non-magnetic, they are also commonly used in electronic devices such as watches.

Brass Rod

Brass rods are strong brass parts that can be cut to a specified length and diameter for use in applications where both corrosion resistance and conductivity are important. Brass 360, also known as free-cutting brass, offers superior corrosion resistance and machinability compared to brass 353. The extruded round bar is a compressed metal that is forced through a die to create a shape. Brass bars are suitable for advanced machining operations due to their excellent machinability, thread rolling and knurling properties.

Specification & Types of Brass Road

Forging Brass Rods

  • IS 3488 Forging Brass
  • ASTM B 124 C37700
  • BS 2874 CZ 122

High Tensile Brass Rods

  • IS 320 HT1 or HT2
  • JIS 3250H C6782 or C6783
  • BS 2874 CZ114 or CZ115

Product Description

Our extensive expertise in this area has allowed us to manufacture and provide a comprehensive collection of brass rods. Rugged construction and durable, these brass rods are available in a variety of sizes and specifications to meet the needs of your individual application. The manufacturing process uses high quality brass procured from major suppliers nationwide. Strict quality control at various stages of production also ensures that the range provided is of high quality.