Copper Sheet

Copper plate is a malleable and workable metal with excellent electrical and thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance. Copper (Cu) is a highly reddish, highly ductile metal that belongs to the 11th group of the Periodic Table. Copper naturally occurs in its free metallic state.

Types of Copper Sheets

  • B100 – Copper alloy plates & sheets used for the bridge and other structural constructions
  • B101 – Lead alloyed copper sheet
  • B103 – Phosphor bronze sheet, plate, rolled bar and strip
  • B105 – Strongly-made copper coated wires for electrical conductors

These are made of 99.9 percent copper and are available in six tempers:

  • B370
  • 060 (soft)
  • H00 (cold rolled)
  • H01 (cold rolled & high yield)
  • H02 (half hard)
  • H03 (three quarter hard)
  • H04 (hard)


  • Highest electrical & thermal conductivity
  • Joining of copper sheets – soldering, welding, brazing, bolting, riveting, crimping, and adhesive bonding
  • Used for architectural purposes because of softness, malleability & excellent formability
  • Making micron-sized wire with minimal softening copper’s remarkable formability.
  • Rust-proof
  • Reddish hue that is due to chemical setup
  • Tensile Strength
  • Dimensional accuracy
  • Long-lasting and Durability
  • Easy to operate

Our organization specializes in supplying a quality range of copper sheets/plates used in various industries. We offer this product in different models and technical specifications to meet the needs of different customers.