Copper Flat

Copper alloys and copper are commonly used in many manufacturing environments. It is a corrosion-resistant material that is easy to manufacture, durable, and resistant to fatigue. Copper is the most versatile and its role in modern human life is essential. Metals have the widest range of applications in the field of electrical engineering, where they are used in a variety of ways.

What is Copper Flat?

The copper flat is one of the first-rate products that have a wider acceptance in the market. These flats are specially designed in such a way to withstand even tough conditions. It is completely polished which are available in different sizes and thicknesses that are necessary for mechanical industries. 

Flat copper is one of the widely accepted premium products on the market. These flats are specially designed to withstand harsh conditions. It is fully polished and is available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses required by the machine industry.

Product Description

Copper flat bars are available in forged or hot / cold rolled versions of various dimensions. These precision machined flat bars are available in finch conditions, including hard, semi-hard, and soft options, providing the optimum end application for electrical purposes. It can also provide the chemical and mechanical properties of copper ingots according to Indian standards. This is the timely delivery of IS 1897 Copper Flat.


  • Standard cutting tolerance ( overall) upto 100 mm
  • Weight per feet in Kg
  • Has a copper content of 99.9%

Areas of Applications

  • Transformer Connectors
  • Bus Bars
  • Control Panels.
  • Earthing Protection in L.T
  • T. Electrical Panels
  • Power Transmission equipment